Monday, August 31, 2009

First Post

Hello, My name is Brian, but since I want you to remember my blog name, call me Ansemsnobody!

Just decided to start a blog to show off the work I have been hiding on my computer.

I hope to post often, but the blogs I've started in the past were spotty.
At least I remember my password this time so I should be good to go!

I'm a 21 year old student just starting off at the School of Visual Arts in New York as a transfer student.

I am a hobbyist game designer (Although, I think were called "indie" these days :) ) and 3D Modeler/Animator/Sculptor.

Although I am a 3D artist most of my games are 2D.
I do however use pre-rendered models for many of my games to give them a more modern flair. I also use pixel art for many of my projects.

I'll end this post by talking about the image: It is a screenshot of a game I just started a few days ago on a whim. (my brothers whim.) I'll explain more about it soon...